Gemelli Diversi Careers from the Beginning to the Present
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Gemelli Diversi Careers from the Beginning to the Present

Gemelli Diversi Careers from the Beginning to the Present

Gemelli Diversi is an Italian hip hip music group formed in 1997 where the hip hop group was formed because there were 2 people named La Cricca and Rima Nel Cuore joining to form a hip hop music group called Gemelli Diversi.

Gemelli Diversi Careers from the Beginning to the Present

The title of their first song is “Un attimo ancora” which was released in 1998 1 year after the formation of the hip hop band, unexpectedly the first song of the hip hop band managed to attract the attention of hip hop lovers in Italy and managed to become one of the songs most popular at the time.

Until finally the song delivered Gemelli Diversi starred in world-famous commercial brands such as coca-cola 4×4, their sophomore release.

And in 2000 Gemelli Diversi had the opportunity to tour all cities in Italy with hip hop music that was carried and songs that were popular at that time and the tour with Eros Ramazzotti.

After that, Gimelli Diversi continued to be the most popular music group in ITALIA, and finally in 2002 they released a new album and song called “Mary” which at that time was the most popular song HITS in Italy.

With several songs and albums that are popular and of course very HITS in ITALIA made the hip hop group Gemelli Diversi in 2003 managed to get the Best Italian Act award at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Over time they also succeeded in making ITALIA countries excited by their success in starring in the Italian TV show Pimp My Wheels, and again the TV show they starred in became great and booming in ITALIA.

Until that time they managed to become brand ambassadors of one of the best online slot sites in the world, which is known to provide various interesting online gambling games. they worked together almost 10 years

Gemelli Diversi Albums 2007 – 2009

In 2007 was the peak of the fame of the hip hop group by releasing an album called Boom! and the successful album boom also attracted the attention of the Italian public and became one of the more popular ones.

In 2009 they also released another album titled Senza Fine: Greatest Hits 98-09, featuring all of their singles along with four new songs.

And until now Gemelli Diversi is known as one of the best Italian hip hop groups of all time and has huge fans in ITALIA and even in the world.